Toby Gray - Highway Buddha

 Vocalist, Multi-instrumentalist, Recording and Sound Engineer, a life time musicologist intrigued by everything involved with sound and music.
Was fortunate to work with nationally known musicians such as jazz guitar legend Howard Roberts, Jamaica's Larry McDonald (Taj Mahal, Gil Scott-Heron, Skatalites), Bill Barnwell and the International Jazz Society, pianist Victor Borge, and a special although short lived original material project called Gandharvas. 
Toured with the Dick Clark organization,  getting to work with producer Larry Klein (Johnny Carson & Joni Mitchell)  before accepting the bassist  position with David LaFlamme former member of the Summer of Love psychedelic folk-rock band It's a Beautiful Day, performing with them since 1980  to the present, co writing the instrumental Santa Cruz with David Laflamme as well as producing  "Live In Seattle" and co-producing "Beyond Dreams" and "Misery Loves Company"

He has composed a wide variety of songs and recorded several CDs including American Dreamer, Sitting In Paradise, Memory Calling and Ascension using traditional and Eastern instruments for a beautiful blend of meditation music and Pacific Waves a piano and environmental set of music, see these at  Other notables performed with are: Lee Oscar, Barry "Fish" Melton, and Jerry Miller. See CD listing below.

Fan's Comments:
Toby & times unheralded as a tandem doesn't get better than these two..... - Don Aters  - Woodstock nation rock photographer
<snip> For me, the highlight of the concert was a performance of Bombay Calling in which Toby Gray and David Laflamme had very memorable solos. My second favorite piece was their performance of Santa Cruz (composed by David and Toby). Again, very nice instrumental work. <snip>

Bennett Scharf  

Be sure and tell Toby to keep up the good work...  he is too much, I had almost forgotten what a real rock bass player should look and sound like, now that really took me back, thanks Toby!
Jeff, Denver

I just dropped a letter to D and L (Laflamme) thanking them for coming to Fur Peace and I want to thank you as well. You are a phenomenal bass player and you play with some phenomenal musicians. I really enjoyed seeing how well you worked with Val.......boy, he is golden.....and I know a bass player such as yourself must be thrilled to have him along for the ride. We have a great vibe here at Fur Peace and on days like the one when you were here, the combination of spirit really sends me into the heavens. You all were a joy to work with and as I told D and was like meeting old friends for the first time. The show was total excitement for me ....... I really got off! By the time you guys did Time is...... I thought the roof was just going to fly off of the Fur Peace Station. Big Thanks Toby........let's do it again! Blessings and Respect
John Hurlbut - Fur Peace Ranch Manager

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Toby Gray - Pacific Waves (1988)
Road Hogs - Take You There (2000)
It's A Beautiful Day- Working the Goldmine (2001)
Road Hogs - Live at Moes (2002)
David Laflamme Performing the Music of It's A Beautiful Day - Beyond Dreams (2003)
David Laflamme Performing the Music of It's A Beautiful Day - Live in Seattle (2003)
David Laflamme Performing the Music of It's A Beautiful Day - Misery Loves Company (2005)
Highway Buddha & Trans Love Airways - Ascension (2010)
Highway Buddha - Memory Calling (2011)
Road Hogs - LIVE (2013)
David Laflamme Performing the Music of It's A Beautiful Day - Outside the Golden Cage DVD with live footage from the Mystic Theatre (2013)

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Chet Helms 2005 Tribal Stomp
DVD Documentary

CHET HELMS REMEMBERED - PEACE & LOVE STILL IN STYLE The Chet Helms Tribal Stomp, sponsored by the Family Dog, was a beautiful event in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Dan & the Hot Licks, The Charlatans, and dozens of other noted musicians from the 60s right on up to today entertained a diverse crowd under sunny skies

Box Set Highlights: 4 DVD’s and 2 CD’s covering 29 bands, 50 interviews (including people who worked at the family dog), Poster & Photo Gallery (the family dog), history & liner notes, HD 5 camera video, digitally mastered video and audio, outtakes and much more!

This DVD/CD set features such bands as The Jefferson Starship, It's A Beautiful Day, Blue Cheer, Country Joe McDonald & Friends, Barry “the Fish” Milton,  James Gurley, and a cast of others too numerous to include on one page!


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Golden Gate Park West Fest 2009

Avalon Ballroom San Francisco 2002 (?)

Russian River 2010

Sausalito Art & Wine with David Laflamme

Triple Door Seattle with David Laflamme 

Rockin' San Francisco Summer of Love 35 with Val Fuentes on Drums

2012 Concert & Filming at Mystic Theatre with David Laflamme Performing the Music of It's A Beautiful Day 

Playing the Upright :-)


Gandharvas - Indianapolis 1973 (?)




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