Pattie Santos

Nov 16 1949 - Dec 14 1989

You could say that Pattie Santos was the original Itís A Beautiful Day member. 
Mathew Katz originally discovered
her working as a check-out clerk in a grocery store when she was about 17 and was in the process of forming a back up band for her when Linda & David Laflamme got involved with the project.
Pattie's vocals, exotic looks, and long brunette hair paired with Davidís vocals, violin, and long blond hair gave the group a great front for their music. Pattie along with Val were the only members to remain in the band to the very end.
Her singing career continued with Bud Cockrell and she later retired from music to raise purebred dogs before her untimely death in 1989. She was voted 
best female vocalist of 1968


"New Beginnings" LP with partner Bud Cockrell 1978